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1964-66 Ferrari 275 GTB GTS Original Tool Roll Kit


A very good Ferrari 275 GTB / GTS tool roll. I bought this from a family in Germany who owned a 275 during the 70's. They kept this kit the whole time until I bought it recently. 

The kit consists of:
  • Original tool bag, some tears and signs of age, entirely original and unrestored. Leather straps are all good except for one buckle which has come off the jack pouch (buckle is there present). 100% original and authentic Ferrari tool bag. 
  • Original Battaini jack with short extension and ratchet handle
  • Original front hub puller (size 32)
  • Reproduction rear hub puller
  • Original 500 gram mechanic's hammer
  • Reproduction lead mallet
  • Original grease gun with fixed and braided hose extensions 
  • Original pliers
  • 3x Original Phillips screwdrivers
  • 2x Original flat head screwdrivers
  • 7x Original Beta No. 55 spanners (complete set)
  • Original oil filter wrench 
  • Original spark plug wrench
  • Original Weber jet key
  • Original complete GEV bulb and fuse kit
  • Original Bellux triangle, early metal backed type. 
  • Original Pirelli fan belt
In sum this is an excellent, very correct and largely original 275 tool kit. Suitable for any 275 GTB or GTS (not GTB/4).