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1951-52 Ferrari 212 Tool Jack Kit 166 195

A spectacularly rare original Ferrari 212 jack kit. 

This kit was acquired from the Bajol estate. 

Lot consists of:
  • Original faded red canvas Ferrari 212 tool case. Missing one buckle and quite worn, especially inside  
  • Original Ferrari 212 Rejna jack & handle. Blue paint still present in areas and original Rejna sticker visible
  • Original Ferrari 212 spark plug tongs with fragile red insulation intact 
  • Original Ferrari 212 grease gun 
  • Original Ferrari 212 used lead mallet
  • Original Ferrari 212 hub puller (size 42).


With only a small handful of original 212 jack kits being known to exist, this represents a genuinely unrepeatable opportunity to complete your 212 and astonish the judges on the Concours field!