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1966-68 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Complete Tool Kit

An incredibly rare and original Ferrari 275 GTB/4 tool kit. The kit is totally complete, consisting of:-

  • Original brown vinyl 275 GTB/4 tool bag. Good overall condition having had some leather webbing and straps replaced at some point in the past. No tears to the vinyl. 
  • Original Battaini jack with extension and ratchet
  • Original front and rear hub pullers
  • Original 500g mechanic's hammer
  • Reproduction lead mallet
  • Original Carello oil filter wrench 
  • Original grease gun with fixed and flexible extensions 
  • Original chrome plated pliers
  • Original v.12000 marked red plastic handled screwdrivers
  • Original wood handled screwdrivers
  • Original complete set Beta No.55 spanners
  • Later spark plug wrench
  • Original and complete GEV bulb and fuse kit
  • Original NOS Marschal Course plugs
  • Original Weber jet key
  • Original emergency window crank for cars with electric windows  
A wonderful kit to complete your 275 GTB/4 and vital for Concours.