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1966-71 Ferrari 330 GT GTC GTS 365 GT 2+2 Tool Kit Jack

An original two-piece tool kit as supplied to the following models: 330 GT S2, 330/365 GTC/GTS and 365 GT 2+2. 
Both bags and every single tool are original.
Lot consists of:-
1) Brown vinyl tool roll. This bag is in very good condition although the vinyl could be cleaned. There are no tears or holes anywhere on the bag. The handle, straps and buckles are original
2) Hub puller
3) 2x Beta No. 55 spanners
4) 3x Six-fluted handled screwdrivers
5) Weber jet key
6) Spark plug tool
7) 17mm socket
8) 190mm Chrome plated pliers
9) Carello oil filter wrench
10) Emergency window winder for electric windows
11) Grease nipple extension 
12) Jack handle
13) Brown vinyl jack bag in perfect original condition
14) Jack in good working condition
15) Short extension for jack
16 Wheel chock
17) Lead mallet
18) Hex wheel wrench for US market cars   
19) GeV bulb kit
20) Warning triangle.
Rare to find one of these kits in such good order.